June 2018 - Contracts signed with Nigeria LNG | AFS Consultants

June 2018 - Contracts signed with Nigeria LNG

June 2018 - Contracts signed with Nigeria LNG

Further to our succesful training missions in country, Nigeria LNG have recently completed the signing of an agreement with AFS Consultants that will utilise our Marine and VTS training courses at their Bonny Island Maritime Centre of Excellence. Director Alan Liversedge said, "This is the culmination of a lot of hard work on both sides to match our know-how with the excellent simulation training facility in Nigeria and we are delighted that our customer wishes to make the arrangement a more long lasting one".

Under the deal, AFS Consultants will provide trainers for the intitial traning courses to then be then furthered by a licencing deal - similar to those AFS have already in place in other countries, such as Brazil and Indonesia.

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