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Maritime Related Training

AFS Consultants also provide a range of other maritime training packages that can be delivered at the Clients' own premises, or elsewhere as required.

Our consultants have both extensive and current experience in the marine industry. They provide detailed knowledge of best practice and can provide suitable courses to meet Clients' specific needs.

This includes:

  • Nautical Knowledge (V103/1 module 4).

Training for those non-marine candidates, who are unable to gain exemption for Accredited Prior Learning (APL) from the Nautical Knowledge (module 4) of the V103/1 VTS Operator course. This course meets the proposals of UK MCA MGN 401 with regard to VTS pre-training needs.

  • Communications procedures and application (SMCP).

Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP) are at the heart of good communications. Message Markers and message construction are essential for effective marine communications to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes. Questioning techniques and other practical exercises are incorporated in to this short course to enhance professional maritime communications. 

  • Human Element Leadership and Management (HELM) at Management and Operational Level (M) & (O).

The STCW convention prescribes those marine staff that require these courses for their Certificates of Competency, but UK MCA MIN 493 recommends that Shore Staff and others that have a non-mandatory requirement for Leadership and Management skills should also consider these courses. AFS Consultants currently hold MCA Approval for their 5-day management Level course.

  • Non-marine staff induction training.

Many new members of staff now join the industry from other occupations than seafaring. As such they do not have the knowledge and skills that may be expected. This course is designed to provide these staff members with the background skills and knowledge to succesfully accesss more advanced and job specific training. It has proved invaluable for new marine apprentices and staff promoted to marine disciplines.

  • Local Port Services (LPS), [Port Information Service].

For those ports that do not operate as a declared VTS station, we can deliver training for staff who man and operate their Port Radio Stations (e.g. 'Harbour Radios', 'Port Controls', or similar.) The 3-day course includes appropriate modules from the V103 syllabus and other sessions to build knowledge and confidence of anyone who may communicate with vessels on a professional basis (i.e. Berthing staff, Launch crews, Pilots, Administrative staff etc.).

  • Port Marine Safety Code - Duty Holder Training.

Members of Port Authorities / Harbour Boards are jointly and individually responsible for the safe operation of their waterways. This half-day session aims to clarify exactly what those responsibilities are, how they can be met and other compliance issues surrounding the (PMSC) Port Marine Safety Code.

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